Storywork Interviews

These interviews were originally conducted as part of the MA work conducted by Alannah Young, entitled “Elders Teachings on Indigenous Leadership: Leadership is a gift.” While the Elders have embraced the possibilities of wider access through technology, we affirm that they remain the rights of authorship and retain copyright of their stories. In this way we aim to reaffirm and restore Indigenous pedagogical forms and contribute Indigenous knowledge perpetuation from Indigenous perspectives, while honoring Indigenous intellectual property rights/protocols. [Read on for interviews…]

Resurgence: Indigenous Literature October 2, 2014

Resurgence: Indigenous Literature October 2, 2014

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Rez Sisters

In January 2000, Deanna was a cast member in a production of The Rez Sisters by the Theatre Department at the University of the Fraser Valley. In October 2011 the cast reunited for a script reading, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication of Tomson Highway’s famous play.

Article on Rez sisters by M LaFlamme

The Image of “the Indian”: an Example of Edmedia

Stereotypes of the Indian: a Visual Display

Thomas King Powerpoint

Working with the SFU Teaching and Learning Centre, I put together a   VERY short movie (only 1 minute;17 seconds). You will see classic stereotypical images of the Indian as listed by famous Cherokee author Thomas King, in one of his 2003 Massey lectures that is also available in published form called The Truth About Stories. While I began by collecting images to use in a powerpoint, Adam and Jason showed me that I could use Moviemaker and therefore include a downloaded version of Thomas King’s voice! While I am a novice at this sort of thing, and wouldn’t know that by clicking on the slide to the left will begin the movie, you might already notice the cues that let you see what we’ve done.


Welcome to my very first blog entry. I want to use this space to talk about all the great books by Aboriginal writers today. Stay tuned…